Monday, 21 October 2013

School Visit

Forbidden Plateau Obedience & Tracking Club member volunteers focus much of their energy on hosting our events, seminars and on teaching Obedience classes. One of our favorite things to do however, if the opportunity presents itself and we have members available, is demonstrations in the community.

This week we were lucky enough to be able demonstrate some of our dogs' skills and talk about how to interact safely with dogs for a First Grade class at Arden Elementary, thanks to member Sheila Kenny and teacher Colleen Devlin. 

The students were a wonderful audience for our dogs, and listened carefully while Sheila spoke to them about standing like a tree instead of flapping like a bird, and how to greet and pet a dog safely. We demonstrated some obedience, a few tricks, and a field dog finding a "lost" (planted out of sight by a couple of student helpers) bumper. 

The dogs had fun, I think the children had fun, and we had fun - a winning situation all around. Thank you Arden Elementary and Colleen for inviting us!

Sheila with Story Golden Retriever talking to very attentive students about not flapping like a bird while Schipperke Dylan and Ruth Bridges and Standard Poodle Donovan and Margot Jorgensen look on.

Member Liz and Border Terrier Rory had a great time

American Staffordshire Terrier Chianti demonstrated some tricks 

Margo Jorgensen and Standard Poodle Donovan demonstrate signals

Sheila had the students use their outside voice to tell Story to sit.

Chianti, Dylan, Jett, Story, Mica, Donovan and Rory demonstrate group stays

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Donovan - An Extraordinary Dog

Heeling at an AIOC Obedience Trial

Dogs are such wonderful creatures, and most are quite willing, with the right motivation, to work with their humans and learn to play at our dog sports, at least to some extent. Many of us who love dog sports participate in more than one, though most of us have a core couple that we compete in. It can be difficult enough to excel and earn advanced achievements in one area, let alone several.

Once in awhile though, a dog and handler team comes along who just have such a wonderful and extraordinary combination of relationship and work ethic that they excel in more than one arena. Donovan, a Standard Poodle bred by FPO&TC member Suzanne Loblaw and handled and loved by FPO&TC member Margot Jorgensen is one of those incredible dogs. Donovan's name with all of his attached Titles is a handful:

UKC Started Hunting Retriever, CKC Champion, Master Obedience Trial Champion Reigate’s Here Comes The Sun, Tracking Dog Excellent, Urban Tracking Dog, Working Certificate, Junior Hunter, Agility Excellent, Agility Excellent Jumper, Canine Good Neighbour, AIOC Companion Dog Excellent, AAC Agility Trial Champion of Canada, Master Steeplechase Dog of Canada, Bronze Jumpers, Silver Standard, Silver Award of Merit. 

"As a 12 week pup in JoAnne’s puppy class Dono looked up at me and asked “what can I do for you?” That has been his lifelong attitude and together we’ve experienced so many activities, some for Titles (obedience, tracking, agility and hunt) and others like herding, draft and nosework, just for fun. He is awesome and I am blessed." says Margot. 

As are we fellow members blessed for having the opportunity to watch Margot and Donovan's journey, observe and admire their relationship and Donovan's honest work ethic. Dono as a senior dog still enjoys working with Margot, enjoying Agility, Nosework, the occasional Veteran's Obedience class and community demos. He still looks up at Margot and asks what he can do for her today, just as he did as a much younger competitor. Congratulations Margot on all of your achievements with Donovan, and on the wonderful relationship the two of you share.

Tracking at an Urban Tracking Seminar

Tracking at an Urban Tracking Seminar

Practicing the Broad Jump

Field Tracking