Monday, 25 November 2013

Walking Politely In A Winter Wonderland

Photo by Arlene Bishop. Back to front, left to right we have Ellee (Golden), Match (Toller), Pip & Flurry (Aussies), Chianti (AmStaff), Panda (Shih Tzu X), Dylan (Schipperke), Cash (Papillon) Guinness (Cavalier), Ryder (Papillon), Sassy (Miniature Schnauzer), Zoe (Miniature Schnauzer), Kiera (Chinese Crested), Rumor (Papillon), Rory (Border Terrier).

We had absolutely fantastic weather for the Downtown Courtenay Christmas Parade yesterday. This year the theme was Winter Wonderland, but we had sunshine and mild temperatures. It seemed like there was a great turnout this year and the crowd was enthusiastic! 

There was a nice variety of breeds represented in FPO&TC. We were right near the front of the parade, behind the dignitaries, and there were lots of ooohs and ahhs and applause for our dogs. Some of the dogs acted as the meet and greet crew, while others showed off some tricks and obedience skills. 

Afterward headed to Simm's Park to take a group photo. We sensibly, in my camera shy opinion, opted to take a photo of the dogs, not the handlers, and look at those dogs sitting for the camera. Now that's a group stay!

Thank you to the organizers and sponsors of the Parade, and to the people who came out to cheer on the participants - we had a blast!

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  1. We had a great time. I always like attending this parade. The crowds like to see the dogs and the dogs get to show off some of their skills. Always a fun day.